Australian Pup and Handler Competition

Event Calendar

Spit ‘n’ Polish

Laird Hotel: 18th May.
Unofficial Free Event. Time 9pm – 12:30am

Melbourne’s weekly male-only fetish event. There will be puppies in gear and your more than welcome to join us for a drink or two. Spit N Polish is possibly one of the longest running weekly leather and fetish nights in the world. Dark beats, buzz cuts & boot shine create to the cruisy atmosphere, and the strict dress code ensures an intimate, open & comfortable environment for those passionate about the lifestyle they have chosen. For everyone else, Nuggets Bar and the Beer Garden are open all night with no dress code. There is a fetish gear dress code which can be found at

Pup Social Outing

Federation Square: 19th May.
Official Free Event. Time TBC

Come hang out with us in the CBD during the day, We plan to go around the CBD with our pup gear and take photos at the major landmarks. This is a casual event so we ask for you to dress appropriately for the public.

Meet & Greet

Eagle Leather: 19th May.
Official Free Event. Time 8pm

Check out the judges and competitors at our sponsors store Eagle Leather. Judging will begin at this event with some minor activities. Your welcome to bring your pup gear and mingle. We will have a mini mosh space here too.

Laird Open Day

Laird Open Day: 20th May.
Unofficial Free Event. Time 1pm – 7pm

Here you can meet and greet the dynamic kinky members of our leather community! This is an all-inclusive event for you to come enjoy everything leather and kink. Come on down to the Laird hotel for a day of socialising, sausage sizzle, fetish demonstrations and also featuring VICPAH’s Puppy Pit!
Only walking distance from the workshops so come in for a drink and a break if your are coming to the workshops running at the same time!


Peircing HQ: 20th May.
Official Ticketed Event $10. Time 11am – 4pm

Throughout the day, our judges and major figures in the community will be running several pup play themed workshops. Check out the event listings below.

    • Puppy 101: By Taylor Cook: 11am – 11:40am
      Come learn the basics of what pup play is all about! An excellent workshop for those pup-curious or want to discuss more of the basics; from history to terms, from gear to why people to it and how its growing in Australia.

Purchase Ticket $10

    • Packs Dynamics:  By Scott Vanderham: 12 -12:40pm
      From Alpha to omega, learn what it means to be in a pack of pups, how they work, learn about the different kinds of packs out there. There isn’t one size fits all and here we will discuss more in depth topics that help expand what was talked about in the Puppy 101 Class. We will touch on basic topics in a lighthearted discussion thats open for all questions and debates.

Purchase Ticket $10

    • Pup Play Handlers: By Sir Justin St Clair: 1pm – 1:40pm
      Interested in pup play but want to become or learn more about handlers? Hear it from our esteemed international guest, the author of “Woof!” and served the community as International Handler 2014/15. Learn about what role handlers take. the responsibilities for pups, handlers and others in the community and how they can potentially differ from the mainstream fetish communities.

Purchase Ticket $10

    • Gear Care Leather & Rubber: By Rhys & Liam: 2pm – 2:40pm
      From our Melbourne Rubberman 2016 and our Australian Bootblack 2017 we have presenting a joint workshop on gear and how to take care of it in the realm of leather and latex. Learn tips and tricks on how to bootblack those boots to a nice finish and the In’s and outs to taking care of that rubber gear you’ve been eyeing.

Purchase Ticket $10

    • Relationships & Power Exchange Dynamics in Pup Play: By Master Pierre Brand: 3pm – 3:40pm
      For the BDSM oriented out there, learn more about the types of relationships and power exchange dynamics happen in the pup community with our Queensland PAH Representative Master Pierre who also served the community as Mr Australia & New Zealand Leather in 2009. Learn more about the In’s and outs of elements that make the pup community unique, how partners interact, work, succeed and possibly not work when pups, packs, handlers and trainers are added into the mix.

Purchase Ticket $10

Tickets will be available soon for $10 Each per workshop limited to 35 tickets per workshop

Main Event Night

The 86: 20th May.
Official Ticketed Event $25 – 27.50. Time 7pm – 11pm

The main event. Where we find out who is chosen to be our Australian puppy and handler representatives for the pup play community here in Australia and to help represent us abroad. We will have our pup gear raffle here as well as well as several performances amongst the main talent sections. This is a fetish friendly all-inclusive event so bring your full fetish getup and enjoy the night!

Tickets will be available at the door (cash only)

Purchase Ticket $27.50

Victory Mosh

Splinter The Venue: 21st May.
Official Ticketed Event $15. Time 2pm – 6pm

Come mosh out with everyone at our host groups mosh space. Splinter is a wide open venue with many fetish spaces, We will have matted areas to pup out, couches to chill on, spaces to chat and socialise and active and quiet pup play areas. Hang out with the competitors, newly crowned title holders and our judges. VICPAH will also be holding a 2nd gear market where members have donated pre-loved gear to help newcomers to pup play find something cheaper to get if you want to own some gear. There is a $15 door entry and EFTPOS is available.

Meet the judges

Sir Justin St. Clair

International IPHW representative

Sir Justin has been active in the Chicago Leather community for nearly two decades. Most recently, he served the International community as International Puppy and Trainer Contest’s 2014/15 International Trainer. After his title year, he was asked to step up to produce the International contest. He is excited for the future of IPTC as it realigns with IPC to become International Pup and Handler Weekend in July of this year. Locally, he has maintained being active in both the Chicago Puppy Patrol and Team Friendly Chicago, as a board member of both organisations.
Sir Justin is fierce advocate of education as a means to combat conflict. He travels more weekends than not, teaching, judging, and speaking. He is proud to have represented IPTC in 27 states and 7 foreign countries. He has also written a book on Puppy Play, BARK!, based on his experiences across America.

He is happily claimed by his family-pack: Alpha-pup Kona; Beta-pups Leaf, Magnus, Chase; Omega-pup Icarus; and Harley the pig.

Master Pierre Brand

Queensland PAH representative

Pierre Brand became involved in the Brisbane Leather scene around a decade ago with the local leather social club, BootCo. He won the title of Mr Queensland Leather in 2008, then went on to become the first Mr Australia & New Zealand Leather in 2009. With this title he competed at IML 31 in Chicago and finished in the top 20. Pierre then took on the role of President of BootCo in 2009 for the next 3 years.

During his time as President, he aimed to encourage younger members of the community to become more involved in the club. He also encouraged more of a variety of kink and fetishes with themed nights. It was also during this time that a lot of progress was made to include trans guys. As Mr Qld Leather and later as President, he was closely involved in the birth of Brisbane Leather Pride. He also encouraged the pup scene in Queensland to grow and become more accepted.

Liam Clark

Australian titleholder representative

Liam Clark is the inaugural and reigning Melbourne Rubberman title holder and the first runner up at Mr International Rubber 20. Liam is proud to represent not just the Melbourne rubber scene, but the whole kink community in general. A frequent fixture at The Laird, he stands for body positivity and loves to see everyone feeling their kinky best. When it comes to fetish, Liam’s motto is: “If it turns you on, put it on!”

Although he doesn’t identify as a pup (in fact, he’s pretty sure deep down he’s a Cat!) he is very supportive of the pup community and the way they have reinvigorated much of the international fetish scene. Liam will be looking for someone who represents what a title holder should be — someone who is true to themselves and is passionate about representing for all Australian Pups and Handlers.

Pup Sabre

South Australia PAH representative

Sabre is a pup from Adelaide, he’s been a pup for over 6 years now and was one of the founders of SA-PAH (South Australian Pups And Handlers). He has extensive experience in the pup community as a pup and has also started developing his Handler side recently.

An advocate for responsible play and the community, he hopes to promote a community that he calls “amazing and incredible”.

He’s looking for a pup who he feels embodies the spirit of being a pup and will be a worthy ambassador and representative of Australian pups. Someone who is passionate, dedicated to the community and represent what makes the Pup community great.

Tim Tekspar

Sydney PAH representative

Intro Coming Soon


VIC PAH Representative / Australian Bootblack 2017

Intro Coming Soon

Competing Rules & Registration

Applications are CLOSED!

Download Rules & Registration Form

We are pleased to announce that registrations are open and we are hoping to have 10 contestants. You can register to compete at APHC by downloading the Rules & registration form and send it filled out to contest (at) aphc (dot)

Frequently Asked Questions

My handler and I want to compete, do we fill out the forms as a pair or one submission each?

You need to register individually. You will have an option to compete together as a pair at events, but you aren’t guaranteed to both win.

Do I need a handler to compete?

No, you do not need a handler to compete.

How much is registration?

Registration costs $45 and is payable after final lineup confirmation. This covers entry costs of competing so you can go to all events.

What are the prizes?

We are still growing our list of prizes for the winners. The full list will always be advertised on this website.

How can I submit my application?

Full instructions are in the registration section of this site. We would recommend that you print out the form, fill it in, then take photos of your application with any relevant documents you need to provide and email that.

Contestant Qualifications

Each contestant in the Australian Pup and Handler Competition:

  1. Must be eighteen (18) years old;
  2. Must identify as a puppy or Trainer/Handler;
  3. May be of any gender or sexual orientation;
  4. Must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  5. Must not hold a current National Leather / Kink or Fetish title; (Club / Local / State Titles current and past are acceptable)
  6. Must agree to appear onstage wearing appropriate gear and participate in all judging categories while conforming to all State regulations pertaining to nudity and obscenity laws. For the purpose of this contest, genital area must be covered at all times.  While in public a one inch (1”) strip of material must cover the anus at all times on all contestants and while in public, female nipples must also be covered. Unless spaces where nudity is allowed or permitted – Event organizers will inform all contestants of the rules at the Meet and Greet.
  7. Must own all gear worn onstage during the contest weekend.
  8. Must agree to represent their title, if they win, throughout their title year
  9. Must agree to return to the Australian Pup and Handler Competition event next year, if they win, to step aside from their title;
  10. Must sign the photographic release; and
  11. Read and agree to the terms of the statement of “What is Expected of the Winners.”


Prize list is still growing, check back soon!